Basic Skills Development

Guide on the Side provides expert instruction on how to:

  • password protect your Mac, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, and files.
  • backup (Time Machine and Clone) your entire device to protect against catastrophic failure.
  • restore your system to a previous backup (e.g. recover from corruption, repairs or for new device).
  • use remote assistance and learn why "just in time support" can be very useful
  • install, use and keep updated an effective malware prevention solution.
  • setup and maintain an effective firewall.
  • install additional software programs.
  • create audio or video playlists / export to share online or produce a dvd/cd.
  • scan, print and/or fax, using your printer and/or computer and network.
  • efficiently manage files; save and store personal items, such as photo's, letters, and other documents.
  • use online storage solutions such as iCloud, Dropbox, etc.
  • use a flash memory drive; take your data with you, while you are away from home or the office.
  • set up and/or reset your home internet access , or wireless printer, as required.
  • search for, review, and both securely and safely purchase items found on the Internet.
  • manage your Internet browser (e.g. avoid "drive by shootings", block unwanted pop-ups; use safe extensions).
  • efficiently use your device's Mail program, organize message history, reduce SPAM, send and receive attachments.
  • locate relevant health-related social networks - give and share advice with peers worldwide.
  • achieve a great deal more success and satisfaction with your computer and related digital devices.
Confidentiality and discretion is guaranteed.