Guide on the Side

Worldwide coaching and support for all Apple products

Since 2009 Guide on the Side offers a wide range of Apple product coaching opportunities including:

  • Individualized one-on-one training. Coaching or support rates: $49 / hour online or at my office; $75 / hour (minimum 1 hour) at your location.
  • BEGINNER AND ADVANCED COURSES for macOS (Mac Computers) or iOS (iPad, iPhone). These courses cost $195, meet for 2 hours once weekly over 4 weeks, and include 4 weeks of complimentary topic-related support/coaching.
  • WORKSHOPS (e.g. macOS 10.14 upgrade, Digital Photos Post-Production; Apple tvOS 12) cost $70 CAD, meet for 2.5 hours, and include 1 week of complimentary topic-related support/coaching.
  • Clients are always welcome to schedule a session at Guide on the Side's office. Alternatively, Guide on the Side uses TEAMVIEWER and BLIZZ to provide online coaching and support to users of all Apple products.

    Are you registered for a course or workshop? Choose the learning activity you intend to engage in (online class or one-on-one support). Next, click or tap on the platform-specific image to download the approrpiate resource for your course or workshop.

    Online class download Blizz App for Mac download Blizz App for Mac
    One-on-one support download Teamviewer Quick Support App for Mac download Teamviewer Quick Support App for iPad or iPhone

    Contemplating the purchase of an Apple product? Guide on the Side's extensive experience can be useful when you need to make a selection of the most appropriate model, speed, storage capacity, screen size, RAM, etc.

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