Services and Rates

Guide on the Side clients are invited to develop (or strengthen) their knowledge and skills with the goal of becoming more effective and efficient using Apple devices (Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod). Guide on the Side also supports Windows computers in relation to the use of an iOS device and iCloud / iTunes / etc.

Computer, home wireless and Internet security.

  • Internet search skills (e.g. recipes, reliable health care info, news and events).
  • Shoot, capture, edit, organize and share multimedia (e.g. photos and videos).
  • Engage in online communications (email, Skype, etc.).
  • View and listen to multimedia resources (iTunes, Netflix; Sonos; Spotify; Rdio, Podcasts, YouTube, etc.).
  • Explore social networking (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Linked In, Blogs, , etc.).
  • Technology specific training topics that can be scheduled include:

    • Apple TV, iCloud, PhotoStream, iPhone and iPod.
    • Word processing (Word, Google Docs, Pages, etc.).
    • Spreadsheets (Excel, Google Docs, Numbers, etc.).
    • Graphics programs (Illustrator, Fireworks, etc.).
    • Digital Photography (Photoshop, Aperture, Pixelmator, etc.).
    • Digital Video (Premiere, Final Cut, DVDs, etc.).
    • Operating Systems (Mac OS X, iOS 6, 7 and 8).
    • Desktop Publishing (InDesign, Word, Pages, etc.).
    • Establishing the home office (hardware / software selection, network setup and videoconferencing).

    Hourly costs:

    • Client's home or office: $49. / hour (within 25 km radius of Collingwood downtown core - $8 surcharge between 25-50 km, etc.). Minimum one hour charge.
    • Online sessions: $39 / hour (worldwide, with instruction in English or French). Minimum 6 minute charge.
    • Four week Basic and Advanced courses monthly: $150. per person.
    • Small group onsite or online (e.g. specialty courses): By special arrangement

    Clients located worldwide including Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, USA, Mexico, and Europe.