Guide on the Side

Worldwide coaching and support for all Apple products

Guide on the Side assists clients to:

Learn these and more Basic Skills

  • protect your computer and accounts with super strong passwords without the need to write or remember them.
  • take control of editing - learn to cut, copy, paste, spell check, compare and select fonts, and much more
  • use Time Machine or iCloud to recover lost files or restore your device after corruption
  • install, use and keep updated an effective computer security solution.
  • master scanning and printing from your Apple device (Mac, iPad or iPhone)
  • efficiently manage files; save and store personal items, such as photos, letters, other documents
  • use a flash memory drive or cloud storage solution to ensure data security and availability anywhere
  • learn to securely set up, manage and reset your internet modem-router as required
  • manage your Internet browser (e.g. organize bookmarks / favourites; use a reading list; use reading mode to hide distracting ads)
  • search for, review, and securely and safely purchase items found on the Internet.
  • avoid phishing when browsing the Internet; block unwanted pop-ups).
  • efficiently use your email program or webmail, reduce SPAM, send and receive attachments.
  • locate relevant health-related social networks - give and share advice with peers worldwide.
  • Take control of computer, home wireless and Internet security:

  • Internet search skills (e.g. recipes, reliable health care info, news and events)
  • Shoot, capture, edit, organize and share multimedia (e.g. photos and videos)
  • Engage in online communications (email, Messages, Facetime, Skype, etc.)
  • View and listen to multimedia resources (iTunes, Netflix; Sonos; Apple Music; Spotify; Podcasts, YouTube, etc.)
  • Explore social networking (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Linked In, Blogs, etc.)
  • Establishing a home office (hardware / software selection, network setup and videoconferencing)
  • Selection guidance and coaching for secure Internet of Things devices (lighting, cameras, thermostats, etc.)
  • Pursue specific training topics (one-on-one or in workshops / courses):

  • iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, iCloud, Apple Watch, HomePod (soon)
  • Word processing (Pages, Word, etc.)
  • Spreadsheets (Numbers, Excel, etc.)
  • Presentation Software (Keynote, Powerpoint, etc.)
  • Graphics programs (Pixelmator, Affinity Designer, Illustrator, etc.)
  • Digital Photography (Photos App, Aurora HDR, Luminar, Photoshop, etc.)
  • Digital Video (Final Cut Pro (Motion 5, Compressor), iMovie)
  • Operating Systems (macOS; iOS; tvOS, watchOS, macOS Server)
  • Desktop Publishing (Pages, Word, InDesign, etc.)
  • Confidentiality and discretion is guaranteed.